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Your Rhinestone Eyes Are Like Factories Far Away

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Just like that. It's all over, the dream.
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About Me: The Basics
My name is Margaret, and I spend way too much time on Livejournal.
Bandom's the name of the game with me. Specifically Panic! at the Disco and My Chemical Romance. I'm also into The Academy Is..., and Cobra Starship . While I don't read/write slash as much as I used to, I'm still pretty into it. Frerard = OTP. I also enjoy Ryden and Kradam.
Anime and Jrock are my other loves. The GazettE are my favorite Jrock band. Reita's my favorite member. I'm into pairings and fics from anime, especially Inuyasha/Kagome. <3
Brendon Urie is my favorite everything.
The close second is Adam Lambert. I've only recently discovered him, but he already owns my heart.
Whatever's left of me is entitled to Gerard Way.

Music <3
Favorites ~ Adam Lambert. Muse. My Chemical Romance. Panic! at the Disco. Gorillaz..
The Academy Is..., Allison Iraheta, Bring Me The Horizon, The Cab, Cobra Starship, Conor Oberst, Escape The Fate, Forever The Sickest Kids, The GazettE, Hellogoodbye, Hot Chelle Rae, Lady GaGa, Never Shout Never, Senses Fail, Slipknot, t.A.T.u., The Used, Within Temptation, You Me At Six

Anime <3
Favorites ~ Death Note. Full Metal Alchemist. Inuyasha.
Cowboy Bebop, Elfen Lied, Eureka Seven, FLCL, Karas, Rave Master, Samurai Champloo, Trinity Blood, Wolf's Rain.

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